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How To Dunk

This is a question most athlete’s find themselves asking when striving to be a better basketball player. Dunking is a feat that every player dreams of feeling; it’s a talent that everyone wishes they possessed. I always wanted to learn how to dunk. Michael Jordan was my favorite player! In case you did not know in the late 80’s and early 90’s he was dunking everything and on everyone. So what do you do? You go outside with your new pair of Air Jordan’s, Nikes, Reeboks, and even Fila’s! Step out to the three point line…get your steps right…one…two…three…lift off!!! Then you’re back on the ground within a half-second. This is where the journey begins for most of us aspiring high flyers.

When I began my journey it was every get fast results scheme possible! I wanted to dunk in a week! The latest 4 weeks! Haha who cares if I’m only 5’3, I’m going to work so hard that it’s going to happen!

Well guess what? It didn’t happen. But through determination and a commitment to my overall fitness and discipline I did it…How to dunk? Don’t you wish it was as simple as 1,2,3?

When on your journey to dunking a basketball you need to assess yourself and your athletic ability and have a game plan. I knew that I had some natural gifts, I could run really fast, and I was extremely coordinated and displayed very good body control. The first initial step is getting an understanding of your body and working on coordination drills to harness your vertical leaps. After this you must study correct form on jumping exercises; you have to completely master this; how else are you going to get maximum results if you do not have perfect form.

The exercises that are musts for form are dead lifts, squats, tuck jumps, dumbbell squat jumps, scissor jumps and box jumps. You have to master these…after you get the form down you then need to focus on your game plan! When do you workout? What is your diet? How much time are you willing to dedicate to your training?




  • Muscle groups that need to be stronger: Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, calves. The quadriceps extend the knee. The hamstrings and gluteals extend the hip. The calves plantar flex the ankle.
  • Muscle groups that need flexibility: Hamstrings and hip flexors. Tight hamstrings will impede the knee extension during the jump. Hip flexors resist the hip extension part of the jump.
  • Start with an adjustable basketball rim. You will be gradually raising the rim as you get used to the feeling of dunking.
  • Visualizing yourself dunking will help you to maintain a solid focus.
  • Always work hard to increase you vertical jump. By doing the exercises found in my program, and allowing ample time to rest in between, you will grow the muscle fibers responsible for increasing your vertical leap.
  • Find a place to practice. Dribble the ball and do layup drills. Each time try and get closer to the rim as you layup the ball.  If you don’t have control of the basketball as you go for a layup or dunk it won’t matter how high you can jump.
  • Dribble toward the basket, then take the allowed two steps while palming the ball in your dunking hand. Jump so high that you can almost feel yourself flying after your second step, extend your arm to the rim, and drive the ball through the net.
  • Most people jump off of one foot, but some people find that they jump higher off of two. Find what works for you. Dunk a tennis ball or golf ball first, then a volleyball, and work your way up to a basketball. Dunk one-handed first. It helps to find a small sized Basketball to train with. It takes a lot more effort to touch the rim with two hands, because you must jump high enough that both reach the rim.

The reason my training is effective is because it’s a holistic approach to training the vertical leap. Dunking and How to dunk is far more in-depth than most realize. How to dunk takes a lot more than just your technique toward the basket before takeoff…Dunking is a talent, skill and gift. This means there are so many facets that can come into play when you think about dunking. Download my app, the link is in the apps section of this website, or click here.

Do you want to know my approach and step by step blueprint to dunking??